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Do you live in the Callington and surrounding SE Cornwall area?

Does your child need some extra support with their basic education ? Are they finding school difficult? Do they need some extra tuition to prepare them for SATs, 11+ or Entrance exams? Do you know a young adult who is having difficulty with basic Literacy and Numeracy?

Then you have come to the right place.

What we provide:

Shaun Hussey provides tutoring in Literacy, Numeracy and the Foundation subjects across the whole of the Primary Curriculum for
children. She is able to prepare children for SATs tests, 11+and entrance exams. She can also provide tuition for KS3 children and
adults in Literacy and Numeracy.

Shaun's Eudcational Experience

Shaun is an experienced Primary School teacher, who has taught all the ages from 4 to 11 years, within a range of school settings. Her experiences also include working as a Head teacher and as a supply teacher. As a class teacher she has worked with under achieving and able children alongside the usual ability range within a class. She understands the value of "Every child matters" and has always provided a wide range of activities that cater for the differing learning styles and abilities of the pupils, so that learning is easy and fun.

Knowledge of well-practiced traditions allows her to use proven methods that ensure great results, whilst the innovative techniques used in the educational process today makes lessons interesting and up-to-date. Thus, the traditional and innovative approaches can be combined for the benefit of students.

Shaun's Qualifications

Shaun Hussey qualified as a teacher in 1978 with a Bachelor of Education Degree from Exeter University. Since then she has completed further studies, including a PGCert and NPQH.

Shaun's ethos

Shaun guarantees you a high standard of education and competitive prices. She pays personal attention to each of her students and makes sure that her students and their parents are fully satisfied.

Shaun takes pride in the quality of her service.

Shaun is :

  • Experienced and friendly
  • Professionally trained and holds a teaching degree
  • Member of professional educational organisations
  • Offers pupils a diverse range of teaching specialities and skills
  • Familiar with the challenges of education today
  • Responsive to individual learning styles

For more information please do not hesitate to contact her by email, phone or in person.

Shaun offers work that suits the individual needs of each child, using the latest teaching methodology as well as tried and tested techniques to improve her pupils' skills and confidence in the area required.

Levels: KS1 - KS3

Age range: 5 years old - adults.

KS1 and KS2: Literacy, Numeracy and Foundation subjects, and exam preparation.

KS3: Literacy and Numeracy.

Contact Us for times and prices.

For further information about availability and prices please contact Shaun by telephone or email:


Telephone: 01579 383926


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